A whole new world: How to find well-trained staff for your team

When you’re on the hunt for new staff, it can often feel like an incredibly daunting task.  Where to look first?  We all want a cohesive, hard-working team that will go above and beyond the call of duty in the workplace, and take great pride in their work.

Paloma De Souza. AIS. May 2016 Photo:Gareth Cooke

While people who’ve been in the industry for some time are often preferred, enthusiastic, well-trained graduates can be a great find. But what should you look for when trawling CVs and conducting interviews to make sure that your freshly-trained candidates are up to scratch?

  • They’ve had real-world experience: While they might be new to the industry, a well-trained graduate should have still had some real-world experience to make sure they’re industry-ready. Many hospitality students from Auckland Institute of Studies (AIS) spend a significant amount of time in industry internships which make part of the programme, thanks to our partnerships with hotels and other hospitality providers.


  • They know how to manage themselves and their time: While new graduates might not be used to working 40+ hours each week, they should be able to demonstrate some evidence that they’ve been able to manage themselves and their time effectively, such as by working on top of studying. AIS students learn time management through workshops run by the Student Careers Centre.


  • They can handle difficult situations: Everyone knows that hotels can be a stressful environment at times, so you want to make sure your candidates can cope with tricky situations. Ask your candidates for examples of when they’ve coped with difficult situations or what kind of active learning courses they’ve done to give them the soft skills that aren’t always covered in traditional hospitality programmes but are vital in the workplace.


AIS attracts a wealth of eager students from NZ and overseas, who come to pick up the real-world learning experiences they need to prosper in the hotel industry – and we pride ourselves on producing some of the best trained hospitality students in NZ. Keen to meet them? Get in touch. www.AIS.ac.nz


First published in Hotel Magazine April 2017