5 Reasons To Study MBA

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree is the most internationally-recognised business qualification in the world today. It is a professional degree in business management based on a practical programme with theoretical, applied and research underpinning. It covers a range of business disciplines which form the basis of executive decision-making.

Dr Jens Mueller, renowned speaker and lecturer

Professor Dr Jens Mueller – a world famous Corporate Leader, Speaker and Lecturer stated:

“No one can predict the future in this fast-moving business world, and so it is hard to pick a specific discipline in which you will make your mark in the corporate world. The best degree then to complete is a ‘generalist’ degree, like an MBA, where you learn a little about many topics and thus are flexible when you search for a job, and then seek promotions and growth.”

The MBA has become the ‘gold standard’ for managers worldwide, and it is hard to look into a successful growth business and not see several MBAs there in leadership roles.”

Here’s 5 reasons you should gain a MBA.

1. Advance Your Career With A MBA

Do you ever feel a bit stuck with ideas or with your current position at work? Then you definitely want to study to upgrade your knowledge with current trends in the world. MBA programmes give you more options of study topics, ranging from International Business to Finance or Operations and Logistics, you can choose a specialisation and develop from there.

The AIS MBA offers specialisations in:

  • International Business
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Operations and Logistics
MBA graduates can apply their skills to a variety of management roles across the globe

“I now work for ANZ Bank as a relationship services manager in commercial banking, helping clients to structure their financing. I started as a commercial services officer – or bank teller, as we used to call them” – Anna Medvedeva – Master of Business Administration Graduate from AIS

2. MBA Holders Earn More

How much can you earn with a MBA?

Statistics source: payscale.com/NZ

According to the most recent statistics, a MBA degree graduate earns on average NZ$82,835 per year in Auckland. Another survey conducted by the Graduate Management Admission Council indicated that the salary of a MBA holder can hit US$100,000 and gives graduates the opportunity to work almost anywhere in the world.

3. Gain Employer Support

Many companies in New Zealand and Australia have a policy of sending employees for further training to upgrade their qualifications. This policy helps them to obtain necessary skill-sets and deliver job satisfaction which leads to better staff retention of valuable employees.

The MBA programme at Auckland Institute of Studies (AIS) meets the high-demand of these companies by delivering classes in the weekend. Students can choose to study part-time to maintain a heavier work schedule while earning the postgraduate degree at the same time.

Up-skilling employees is a great way to retain the best workers

Many companies are sending employees for MBA and further training and support them with tuition fees. Photo credit ENZ.

4. MBA Gives You The Skills To Start Your Own Business

Many people are interested in having their own businesses, but not sure how to start. A MBA degree is a great step to provide you with an insight knowledge of how to start your own business. All modules have been well-selected from experts and academic professors in the industry. View MBA modules here.

“Research has shown that the failure rate for small businesses started by MBAs is about 50 percent less than the standard failure rate.” (allbusinessschool.com)

5. Lead In An Emerging Field

A recent MBA qualification from an Institute in New Zealand will help you gain an overview and insight of some of the new leading and emerging industries that you can tap into after graduation. The lecturers already have their own networks in the industry such as Information Technology, New Ventures and Brand Management. As a result, learning from them and possibly gaining your own network of contacts in your desired field will give you a boost to lead in an emerging field in the future.

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