Students from South Korea enjoyed studying English Language in New Zealand

Changwon Moonsung University send students to New Zealand every year to study English at Auckland Institute of Studies (AIS),

The latest group of students has just completed a short programme at AIS this month (February, 2018).

Group of students from Changwon Moonsung University, South Korea at AIS

Interesting English Language Programme

Park Ju Hyun was very impressed with the content of the English Language Programme at AIS.

The most interesting part of this trip is the English Language Programme at AIS because it is taught so differently from all other programmes that I have ever known. We have many opportunities to practise English speaking skills and enjoy the group activities.

Photo: Park Ju Hyun with her international friends at AIS

Travelling opportunities in New Zealand

Park Ju Hyun and her friends were so excited to explore New Zealand outside of their class time. They travelled to Mount Eden, Takapuna, Mission Bay, Taupo and Waitomo caves. These are all famous scenic places in New Zealand.

Enjoying the beaches around Auckland city, Auckland, New Zealand

It’s a very beautiful place and so much fresher (air) than Korea. I am so impressed by the many trees and plants and bush walks everywhere I go.

Kim Yun Jong on an outing trip in New Zealand

New Zealand is so peaceful and green. Green trees and blue sky. This is amazing. I play golf a lot and I have enjoyed a marvellous time here.

A homestay experience

Students from South Korea chose to stay with local families in New Zealand so that they could enrich their travel experience, culture and English language.

Auckland Institute of Studies (AIS) connects students with homestay families in the area.

“I had a very comfortable and very nice experience with my homestay family. Some homestay families are quite close to school too so we can actually walk everyday. The interaction with the host has hugely improved the experience and helped us to speak English daily.” – a student’s feedback on the form