Short on staff? You don’t need to be!

Across the country, all signs are pointing to there being a shortage of hospitality workers. For the past year, the number of tourism and hospitality jobs advertised online has increased by 15.8 per cent, one of the biggest increases of all industries measured, and estimates suggest that we’re about 40% short of the resource we’ll need by 2025.

Staff Shortage in hospo industryMany employers in the hospitality and tourism industry are wondering how they can possibly keep up with this ever-increasing demand.

If you dig a bit deeper, however, there is a wealth of untapped resources fit and raring to go. The number of hospitality students is building every year – and these students are just as eager to find work as employers are eager to find staff.

So why is employing students such a great idea?

  • They’re enthusiastic – students of hospitality are studying for a reason. They love the industry and are passionate about building a career within it, as opposed to simply falling into a hotel role.
  • They’ve had experience – at Auckland Institute of Studies (AIS), our students get real-life work experience. The realistic training environment offered by the Institute ensures that students aren’t just book smart – they’re prepared for the diverse and unpredictable challenges they will face in the ‘real world’.
  • They’ve got great technical knowledge – The various qualifications and courses available to students mean that recent graduates (and even some current students) are well equipped with all the technical skills and knowledge needed to perform in the industry.
Real life experience opens doors to employment

AIS students gain experience in a working café on campus, serving real customers

There are only so many workers in the industry who have clocked up the career miles that many employers naturally look for in a new hire, but the industry is growing and unless recent graduates are given the chance to prove their mettle then employers will find themselves in dire straits. Recent learners offer fresh perspectives and have the latest insights on new developments in the industry and tourism world – it’s time that employers took advantage of the resources available to them.

Contact AIS today to tap into a wealth of enthusiasm, skill, and knowledge.

First published in Hotel Magazine August 2018