Travelling in New Zealand through my eyes!

Hi my name is Annie. I graduated from Auckland Institute of Studies (AIS) in business administration in early 2017. I have a huge passion for travelling so I spent a lot of time during study breaks and holidays exploring this beautiful country. Below are a few snaps from my favourite spots in New Zealand as well as a few tips to help you make the most of sightseeing New Zealand.

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Travelling in New Zealand has been made super easy with a variety of transportation such as coach, bus, ferry, boat, train and very connected airlines. If you hunt for the airline ticket deals, you will be amazed by how cheap domestic flights can be. I often travel using Air Asia, Jetstar and Air New Zealand (my favourite).

Joining a hiking group is a great way to see the country

Auckland Hiking Group is my favourite group. Every weekend we go hiking to a new place or go camping on long weekends. You will experience the diversity of people in New Zealand and also have opportunities to go to different places (especially if you do not know how to drive), the car pool driver will take you there (with only $5 of petrol contribution).

Camping over night at destinations removes the rush out of experiencing new places

Camping ground in Coromandel, North Island, New Zealand.


Joining different groups will help you to make new friends and see new places

Joining different groups of interest such as hiking and camping is also an opportunity to make friends and build relationships with people from everywhere in the world to New Zealand.


You can reach most places within a day's drive or less

Nothing can beat the road trip experience in New Zealand. Find a good group of friends who can drive well and share the drive. New Zealand is small so you can basically reach all the major towns and cities easily.

Keep you eyes open for art exhibitions, some are even free

New Zealand embraces many art talents. Photo: Lava Glass Garden is open for tourist, Taupo, New Zealand.


Wellington has a reputation for high winds, but it isn't always windy in the capitol

Wellington – the capital city of New Zealand has so much fun to offer. Spend one to two nights here exploring the city and enjoying the vibrant culture.

New Zealand has so many beautiful spots to explore

Another favourite spot is Lake Tekapo in South Island. Stunning view with mountain and surrounding nature.


The Summer climate in New Zealand is perfect for camping

This picture was taken in Motueka town in the South Island. The family enjoyed the open air hot bath near the beach.


Pick kiwifruit in the home of the kiwi

Experience picking Kiwifruit in the garden in Motueka town, South Island, New Zealand.


Sheep outnumber people in New Zealand 6 to 1

You will find lots of sheep in New Zealand everywhere you go 🙂

Always plenty to do in Queenstown

Queenstown is another stunning tourist spot with lots of activities for you to choose in different times of the year.