Meet Navneet Singh – Bachelor of Hospitality Management Programme at AIS

Navneet Singh is from New Delhi, India and graduated with a Bachelor of Hospitality Management from AIS in 2015. With his passion for hospitality, it was easy for Navneet to gain employment upon graduation and permanent residency in New Zealand through Skilled Migrant Category.

We had a great opportunity to catch up with Navneet through AIS Alumni network.

Navneet Singh and Lecturer Jonathon Spring – Hospitality and Tourism Management Programme at AIS

Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Navneet Singh and I am from New Delhi, India. I graduated from Auckland Institute of Studies (AIS) in September 2015 with a Bachelor of Hospitality Management. Choosing to study at AIS was easy because of the amazing cross-credit system. I was able to cross-credit the study I did back home in India toward the Hospitality Management Programme at AIS (as many as nine courses). Thanks to the cross-credits, I was able to finish my study in a shorter time and save a lot of money.

I also gained a Liquor Controller Qualification (LCQ) from AIS which is a valuable qualification in the hospitality industry.

What was your first job in New Zealand while you were a student?

While I was a student, I gained local work experience and contributed a part to my living expense by working as a Food and Beverage attendant in Casino Operations in Sky City, Auckland.

What courses have helped you the most to gain employment in New Zealand?

I took a lot of interesting courses at AIS which have been very useful. Some of the stand-out courses for me were:

  • Integrated approach to hospitality: This course helped us to understand the approach and the goals of the business. It also gave us a better sense of what strategies to apply when opening a new business;
  • Food and Beverage Management: In this course, we learnt about the depth of food and beverage such as the price system, the gross profit, and food and beverage standards;
  • Marketing Management in Hospitality: This course helped us to learn about “The Four Ps of Marketing”, which we should use before making any decisions in hospitality around product, price, placement and promotion; and
  • Leadership Management: This course provided the motivation to become an entrepreneur and a great leader in my work. We also learnt how to create a strong team through practice in class and group work.

Navneet graduated from AIS in 2015.

What do you think of the hospitality industry in New Zealand?

The future of hospitality in New Zealand is great. Tourism and hospitality are one of the largest sectors in New Zealand after dairy farming. The hospitality industry is forecast for much growth in the future, therefore New Zealand needs more hospitality professionals coming through to fulfil the demand of the industry.

What are the key qualities to be successful in New Zealand?

To gain employment in New Zealand, graduates need to understand the employer and their expectations from the role. Show loyalty towards your job and do not stop learning new skills and improving. These are the qualities you need to be successful in this industry.

Navneet Singh enjoys creating different types of cocktails in his free time.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time? What are your hobbies?

I’m very interested in utilising my creativity and passion to invent new types of cocktails. I love watching videos of cocktail mixology and reading about different types of cocktails.

I also enjoy playing cricket and attending wine tastings in my downtime.

What’s your advice to current and potential students in New Zealand?

  • Be focused.
  • Be passionate.
  • Keep learning.

These are the values that I follow in New Zealand and they have given me great success in my  career and life. I would like to thank AIS for helping me with practical training to become a great hospitality professional today!


The hospitality industry is a vibrant, energetic sector in which to launch a career, and a qualification in Hospitality Management from Auckland Institute of Studies (AIS) gives you access to this exciting job market.

Next intake: September, 2018