Meet Iskima Bhandari – Graduate Diploma in Business – AIS, New Zealand

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Iskima Bhandari is from Nepal. She has just graduated from Graduate Diploma in Business Programme at Auckland Institute of Studies (AIS), New Zealand.

A Nepali student shows off her GDBus

Iskima Bhandari graduated from Graduate Diploma in Business programme at AIS

Study experience at Auckland Institute of Studies (AIS)

Iskima came to New Zealand in January 2017 to attend the one year programme in Business at AIS.

This was the most beautiful time of my life because I experienced so many different things, and that opportunity was given to me by AIS. I also received Academic Achievement Scholarship for all my efforts at this great school.

Iskima was impressed by the module Services Marketing taught by lecturer Nick McCracken.

Nick helps me to see things from a modern and different angle. He teaches this module from a very practical approach. The presentation and the assignment also assisted me a lot in understanding Services Marketing and how it actually works.

Business graduates spend time with their lecturers

Iskima Bhandari at Graduate Lunch for Business Students at AIS. Lecturer Nick McCracken & Saida Parvin also attended the event!

Lecturer Saida Parvin is an inspiring woman. She would encourage us to discuss in groups and present our findings to the class. I have learnt so much from her group assignments. In real life, team work has been proven to be an essential skill in the workplace.

Career development in New Zealand and overseas

Achieving a work study balance is a valuable skill to survive

Iskima Bhandari works as Duty Manager during her study in New Zealand to gain local work experience.

I’m going to do a few more months of internship upon graduation to gain corporate experience in New Zealand. This valuable experience will help me to transit to employment either in New Zealand or internationally.

Traveling and living in New Zealand

Iskima also spends time traveling and exploring New Zealand. She has been to Taupo, Rotorua and other scenic beauties in New Zealand.

The more I travel, the more I love the country. It is definitely worth the experience.

Iskima at Auckland Central, New Zealand

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