Tuan Nguyen – MBA graduate and Business Development Manager

Tuan Nguyen came to New Zealand to study an MBA at AIS in 2015. After a three-month internship at NZ Migration, Tuan secured full-time employment as a Business Development Manager. Tuan has now started his application to become a New Zealand resident.

The team from NZ Migration with AIS Marketing Executive, Djaja Kusno

Djaja Kusno, Tuan Nguyen and NZ Migration Ltd at AIS

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is the most internationally-recognised business qualification in the world today. It is a professional degree in business management based on a practical programme with theoretical, applied and research underpinning. It covers a range of business disciplines which form the basis of executive decision-making.

The AIS MBA offers specialisations in: International Business, Finance, Marketing or Operations and Logistics.

MBA modules are relevant for business development and management

“Everything in this programme is absolutely useful. You will see that you need all this knowledge to manage or develop a business.”

Tuan spent much time learning Accounting and Finance Analysis modules because he knew that they would provide the necessary knowledge for a profound understanding of any business.

“I have many clients coming from Vietnam and South Africa on Entrepreneurship visa. As a result, I need to have a good knowledge of business to advise and assist them with a clear business plan.” 

Tuan also discussed the importance of Organisational Behaviour and Leadership module in the MBA programme because New Zealand is a multicultural work environment. The 18 month MBA programme provides students with a lot knowledge and skills in terms of operations, quality, finance and risk management.

Internship pathway is the key to gain employment

Internships are important for international students to gain local New Zealand work experience and Tuan knows about that.

“The official three-month internship at NZ Migration continued to full-time, ongoing employment for me. I am currently employed as a Business Development Manager at NZ Migration Ltd. They are happy with my internship work and definitely want to use my international work experience and Vietnam local expertise to develop the business.”

NZ Migration offices are in NZ, South Africa and Vietnam

NZ Migration offices worldwide: https://www.nzmigration.com

The business has expanded to Viet Nam and South Africa. As a result, the role of Business Development Manager will be a great contribution to the business owners in the coming time.

Be confident and keep learning

Tuan Nguyen is proud of his efforts to earn an MBA from AISFor students coming from Vietnam, Tuan said that they needed to spend time learning the language because English language proficiency played an important role in study and career success in New Zealand. Furthermore, confidence is also vital, especially in business.

“Be prepared to come to New Zealand to study in terms of English language proficiency and money. When you invest time and money properly in studying, you will find it easier to gain a good internship programme, and then full-time employment. “

Thanks Tuan Nguyen for sharing your story.

Interviewer: Annie Do