Looking to save a little money this semester?

It is possible to save money as a student.

Being a student is great in so many ways. Not only do you get to expand your social and professional circles, there is also the chance to develop a sound knowledge base for your future career – hopefully concluding with a job offer before your graduation.

However, there is another side to student life which is sometimes hard to plan for – limited funds. As students don't often have the time to work full-time during their studies, it takes some crafty budgeting to ensure that there is enough money to pay for all of life's essentials such as rent, food, transport and study expenses.

So, if you are heading into a semester at Auckland Institute of Studies, take a look at several of our handy money saving tips below.

Fancy a night out at the movies?Fancy a night out at the movies?

Take advantage of student discounts

Every student at AIS will receive an ID card prior to the start of their qualification. This is primarily used for security purposes on campus and entrance for exams, but did you know that it can open a whole world of discounts around the Auckland region?

In addition to cheaper public transport fares for buses, trains and ferries, your ID card has the potential to get you a great deal at the movies and at a variety of tourist attractions. More information is available in the Student Handbook.

Use the student gym

Take advantage of the AIS gym.Take advantage of the AIS gym.

There are countless professional gyms located around Auckland, offering an extensive range of equipment. However, these facilities are also very expensive and can lock you into contracts that are difficult to escape.

If you are still interested in staying fit, perhaps the Asquith Campus gymnasium will meet your needs. The fee is included in your Student Services Fee and with your ID card, you can have access to a vast variety of exercycles, free weights, rowing machines and more. Visit the gym between 10.00 a.m. and 7.00 p.m. to get started!

Buy used textbooks

Textbooks are an important part of many AIS courses, including the Master of Business Administration. While you are provided with texts in class, some students might want to purchase other books for their own reading.

Whether this is through websites such as TradeMe or bookshops, it is always going to be cheaper to get texts second hand. Of course, you can onsell these after you have graduated to make the money back!

If you need any assistance during your time at AIS, feel free to reach out to our helpful support team today.