An internship experience with Skydive Auckland – Tourism Management Programme at AIS

Li MoYing (Eva) studies Tourism Management at Auckland Institute of Studies (AIS) and is currently doing an internship with Skydive Auckland.

AIS students participated with Skydive Auckland activities.

We spoke to Eva about her internship experience to understand more about her study journey in New Zealand.

Please introduce yourself

My name is Li MoYing (Eva) and I am from Beijing, China. I am currently enrolled in Graduate Diploma in Tourism Management (GDTM) at AIS. As part of the requirements for the programme, I am doing an internship with Skydive Auckland.

How did you get the internship?

The Student Careers Centre at AIS helped me put me in contact with Skydive Auckland. They connect students with internships in a range of different companies.

What was the procedure of getting the internship at Skydive?

  • First, I sent my CV to Student Careers Centre manager Alarna Asher. She recommended me to the internship company.
  • I booked an interview with the manager at Skydive Auckland.
  • Then I attended a 30 minute interview with the manager.
  • My job description was finalised. And now I work in the marketing department for Skydive Auckland.

What are your main duties in the job?

  • Promoting Skydive Auckland to a range of different markets.
  • Maintaining a presence on different social media platforms such as WeChat and Facebook.
  • Writing and maintaining a blog.
  • Collaborating with Chinese travel agencies domestically and internationally to promote brand awareness.

In New Zealand, the tourism industry develops very quickly and we have many customers from China.

What courses of the Tourism Management Programme have you found the most helpful?

I enjoyed the courses taught by lecturer Johnathon Springs, such as Eco-Tourism Management and all the field trips we have participated in. Through those courses and field trips, I have learnt how to protect the eco-environment and about the tourism industry in New Zealand.

The diversity of students at AIS also contributes a great deal to success later in the workplace. As Auckland is a multicultural and cosmopolitan city, you will work with the same types of people. The more you understand about their cultures and how to work with them, the more you become successful in this industry. My customers are from all over the world.

Another valuable skill is teamwork. I have learnt a lot from the Entrepreneurship course with students from the business programme. We learnt through completing a project how to work together, and presented the result from those ideas.


What is your plan for the future?

In New Zealand, the tourism industry develops very quickly and we have many customers from China. As a result, studying this course will promise an opportunity to gain employment. I can see more clearly when I work at Skydive Auckland for my internship.

I will work hard to maintain this job or a similar job upon graduation in the tourism industry. Later, I want to travel more (around the world). I love travelling myself, I have already been to many provinces in China, as well as Australia, Japan and New Zealand. I cannot wait to explore more.

Thanks Eva for a great interview!


The Graduate Diploma in Tourism Management (GDTM) is a one-year programme designed for students who have a bachelor’s degree in a discipline other than Tourism Management and who wish to broaden their career options. For some students, it is a prelude to postgraduate study in Tourism Management, for others it is a bridge into an employment situation which meaningfully utilises their dual skill set.


3 semesters full-time

Start Dates in 2018

►10 September