The State of The IT Sector in New Zealand

Auckland Institute of Studies (AIS) spoke to Christie John, a Licensed New Zealand Immigration Advisor about the IT sector and its development in New Zealand.


What do you think about the IT sector in New Zealand?

IT and its applications have penetrated the daily lives of Kiwis to a very large extent.

Kiwis use IT daily at work and play – be it for internet banking and payments, smartphone usage, online shopping, watching Netflix shows, dairy farmers using devices to track their cattle, crop farmers using IT to study crop yield and soil conditions, bio-technologists using IT in their research, automating manufacturing, or even to launch a small rocket into space!

New Zealanders use IT sector every day in a variety of ways

IT and its applications have penetrated to a very large extent in the daily lives of Kiwis.

The IT sector is in constant growth due to its application to our daily lives in so many ways, both directly and indirectly. This reflects a great range of opportunities in the New Zealand IT sector.


What qualifications are the best for IT professionals?

It is advisable to study a level of qualification that corresponds with educational/work background, core strengths, areas of interest and career goals.

The IT sector impacts and connects businesses globally

It is advisable to study a level of Qualification [Degree, Diploma or Postgraduate Diploma] that is commensurate with their past educational/work background and career goals.

Students should research and decide whether to study software programming, database management, networking and security, or mobile/cloud computing etc. These are only some of the available study areas, and the range is quite vast and enthralling.

If planning to work in New Zealand, they must know the focus of the local IT industry, and the career opportunities in the sector. Simultaneously, they must analyse their core strengths to understand if they have a better aptitude for software programming or networking or creating web applications, to succeed in whatever they decide to do.


What should IT students do to prepare for future career development in New Zealand? Or immigration advice instead.

First find employment which is relevant to their IT Qualification in NZ. This will lead to obtaining local IT experience, gaining high-end exposure, along with becoming eligible for a Post-Study Work Visa – Employer Assisted and Skilled Migrant Category (SMC) Residence, in future.

IT qualifications should closely match employment opportunities to maximise success in the IT sector

The IT student must ensure that their employment is closely relevant to the majority of the subjects/papers/modules which they had studied in the IT Qualification in NZ.

The IT sector is intrinsically dynamic and ever-advancing, therefore IT students and professionals must continue to enhance and upskill themselves as new technologies and applications are released.


If IT professionals are seeking immigration advice, where can they access it?

By law, any person that provides New Zealand immigration advice must be licensed by the Immigration Advisers Authority, unless they are exempt (like NZ lawyers). This includes people providing New Zealand immigration advice while being located overseas.

Licensed immigration advisers and some New Zealand lawyers have specialised expertise in New Zealand immigration matters.

More details of who could provide NZ immigration advice are available at this IAA link:

One can search for licensed immigration advisers on the website of Immigration Advisers Authority, or for a NZ lawyer on the website of New Zealand Law Society:

Thanks Christie John for a very in-depth interview about Immigration, IT sectors, IT professional and career development in New Zealand.

About Christie John

Who's the man? Christie John is the man

Christie is a NZ Licensed Immigration Advisor since April 2010.

Christie is a NZ Licensed Immigration Advisor and Director at Immigranz Ltd in Auckland. Immigranz has been providing advice on immigration since 2007 and Christie has completed Proficiency in New Zealand Immigration Law & Practice at Massey University, Auckland.

Christie is proficient in processing all types of visa applications under the Skilled and Family categories. He is highly specialised in handling complex visa situations, such as Declined applications, PPI Concerns, Section 61 Requests for Over-stayers, Deportation Cases, IPT Appeals, CCRP and Ombudsman Complaints, etc.

Born in India, Christie migrated to New Zealand in 2006 as a resident.