Industry Placement Project with Absolute Analytics

Parth Patel and Yasutaka Yamaguchi study Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) at Auckland Institute of Studies (AIS) in New Zealand. They are currently undertaking their Industry Placement Project under the sponsorship of Mark McKenzie – CEO and Founder of Absolute Analytics. The Industry Placement Project is an excellent opportunity for them to gain hands-on experience in the IT field and have real world success.

Video: Parth and Yasutaka talk about their project with Absolute Analytics

How did you gain your Industry Placement?

Parth was doing a paper with Dr Neda Hamid – senior lecturer at AIS, when he had the opportunity to meet CEO Mark McKenzie and talk about the project.

CEO Mark McKenzie explained:

We had already worked closely with AIS as part of their intern program and I was highly impressed with quality and ambition of the students that came to work at Absolute Analytics. We had an idea for some software and talking to AIS we learnt that they had some skilled students eager for the challenge. Because we had already worked with AIS we were confident they could meet this challenge and knew they would enjoy doing it.

Parth took this opportunity because he knew that this would be a valuable experience for him to be a step closer to his future dream job in web development and data analytics.

Industry placement project is an elective module. However, any students who want to gain hands-on experience in the IT field and become more employable upon graduation will choose this module. 

I sent my resume to Mark and we had a great conversation for half an hour afterwards. He liked what I presented so I was selected for the project.

Yasutaka has been working together with Parth in the industry placement project. They have their own office and operate within office hours at the Asquith campus at AIS.

Absolute Analytics delivers presentations at AIS as well as industry placement

President Julia Hennessy, two AIS students, CEO Mark Mckenzie, Dr Michael Watts and Dr Neda Hamid

What have you learnt during your industry placement?

Parth has learnt much from the industry placement project. He is a young student from India so he is very excited and eager to apply all the knowledge that he learnt into the new project.

Parth explained “In my project, we are getting all the data from Google Analytics and integrating all the data into one screen to show it to the users. That’s the main concept.

Yasutaka also added: “We are creating a software, an application to collect information from Google Analytics and show the information more visualised.

AIS Students of the Bachelor of IT learn with the most up-to-date technologies and frameworks so they are prepared to enter the workforce. A variety of technologies used in this project plays an important role in the students’ work experience because they can learn faster this way and apply in a real IT project.

What is the employability after the industry placement project?

Parth is confident in what he is developing and working on. He confirmed that: “When I graduate next year and apply for jobs, it will be so much easier for me. They will look at my resume and will consider hiring me for the job. Experience speaks a lot!”

Jyoti Notani – a previous industry placement student with Absolute Analytics confirmed:

I received an industry placement at Absolute Analytics from May to July 2017. The industry placement was amazing because it provided me with New Zealand work experience, a deeper insight into my specialisation of Information Systems and a good reference for future job placement.

CEO Mark McKenzie stated:

As an employer, I look for the right attitude first and those signs that this person has ambition and wants to contribute rather than coast. Taking the initiative to get industry relevant experience on an interesting projects really stands out. It says something more than just good grades and well written C.V.

Dr Neda Hamid also added:

Absolute Analytics has opened the door of opportunity for our students. Thanks to CEO Mark McKenzie.

Industry placements puts students’ learning into perspective and allows them to explore outside the textbook environment