A Walt Disney Paid Internship Experience for AIS Hospitality Management student

Joanne Su, Bachelor of Hospitality Management graduate gained a six-month paid internship at Walt Disney World in Florida, USA. Speaking of the valuable overseas opportunity, the New Zealand domestic student stated: “Don’t ever think twice, just do it and it will take you very far.”

The internship provided Joanne with international work experience, relevant to her studies in Hospitality Management. Together with her bachelor’s degree from AIS, Joanne is now ready to take her career to the next level.

Watch Joanne Su’s Walt Disney work experience:

Cameraman: Chinno Tsukae

The Bachelor of Hospitality Management at AIS lays a good foundation for industry placement

The Bachelor of Hospitality Management (BHM) is designed for students wishing to gain a managerial role in the fast-growing hospitality sector in New Zealand or overseas. The BHM provides a strong foundation in the key functions of management, marketing and economics. Students can also gain first-hand industry practice at stage three of the programme.

After nine semesters studying at AIS, including practical training, Joanne felt confident applying for the internship.

“The diversity and multi-cultural environment at AIS is a great contribution to my work at Walt Disney World in America. The guests at Disney World are also from all parts of the world so I had no difficulties interacting with them and did well in customer service management.”

Hospitality Graduate Joanne Su, with her fellow staff at Walt Disney World, Florida

Joanne Su at Walt Disney, Florida, USA

Walt Disney World paid internship experience in the USA is incredible

“The experience at Disney World is really amazing, I can’t describe it in words, it’s something that students have to experience for themselves.”

The Disney Internship Programme is a world famous programme which attracts thousands of applications annually. When Joanne applied in March 2016, she did not tell anyone because she was not sure of her chances. However, with all the effort she put into her application, Joanne earned herself the paid internship in Florida. The internship enabled her to gain international work experience as well as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work in a “dreamland” and to see more of the US while there.

Disney internships provide a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for hospitality students around the world

Disney International Programs – Internships

“I learnt so much about customers’ direction, American work culture, seeing and interacting with so many people on a daily basis.”

Joanne Su and future career development in Hospitality Management

Speaking of the internship for Hospitality students, Dr Erwin Losekoot, Academic Head of Hospitality and Tourism Management Programmes said:

“It’s extremely valuable for students to have these kinds of experience, that they see what they have learnt in classrooms actually works in real life. They also learn from some of the challenges and some of the real customer interaction that they deal with in daily work.

This is absolutely valuable experience for Joanne Su and she comes back to New Zealand with enthusiasm to step into the industry of her choice.”

Joanne has now completed her bachelor degree and is ready to take on new challenges in the Hospitality field. Joanne wants to work somewhere like Disney World, where everyday is magic in a dreamland.

Congratulationss Joanne Su. We wish you all the best

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Interviewer: Annie Do