Hospitality Management Students Learn From Practical Assessment

With practical training, hospitality management students get ready for employment in New Zealand and the world upon graduation. Our recent beer and food matching evening was another great event to help students prepare for hospitality jobs.

AIS students served up Mash Palace craft beer as part of their assessment

Dr Erwin Losekoot with AIS Hospitality Management students. Auckland, November 2017. Photo:Gareth Cooke/Subzero Images

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Organising the event was part of the assessment

Beverly Chen – Lecturer of AIS Hospitality Management Programme guides and encourages students to organise different events over the year for assessment. From her experience, she said that this was the way hospitality management students get “on the job training”, “gain practical skills” and also “prepare for employment”.

On this occasion Mash Palace, a local craft beer company, was involved to join them in planning and delivering a great “Beer and food matching evening” at Asquith Campus. Mash Palace provided four craft beers to be matched with four different dishes.

Mash Palace makes craft beer for the hospitality management industry

Jeremy Barnett – owner and cofounder of Mash Palace introduces the beer. Photo:Gareth Cooke/Subzero Images

Learning practical skills for the hospitality industry

Dr Erwin Losekoot – Academic Head of Hospitality and Tourism Management Programmes stated:

Students served a combination of cocktails, mocktails, beer, wine and food, and we were fortunate to have Mash Palace with us for the beer and food matching evening. It’s a great event, students take part, they help plan, they enjoy it, and they learn a great deal for future employment.

Service IQ works with AIS to deliver high quality hospitality management programmes

David Faircloth – Assessor and Assessment Support – Service IQ. Photo:Gareth Cooke/Subzero Images

David Faircloth from Service IQ also confirmed:

This is actually very relevant to work place training. The students have the opportunity to see what it is like to work in a real life situation.



Students learn how to organise an event. They prepare the marketing plan, advertising materials, food and drink menus, and gain operational and management skills.

AIS students from the hospitality management programme said:

I learnt how to make cocktails, which is very interesting. We also learnt how to welcome customers, serve customers and manage the whole event. It’s a very practical training atmosphere.

Hospitality management students have regular assessments during the year. Keep in touch for more beer and food events.



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