Graduate Profile: Vivi Lu, Bachelor of International Business

A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of catching up with one of our graduates, Vivi Lu, to hear her story, and to see how she’s getting on after her studies at AIS. Vivi completed her Bachelor’s degree in International Business at AIS in May 2013 and currently works at Amicus Law, an Auckland-based law firm, as a legal executive with additional marketing responsibilities. We met at her office in the heart of the Auckland CBD.

Vivi Lu, Bachelor of International Business graduate

Originally from Guangdong, China, Vivi enrolled at AIS in May 2011 as a domestic student by cross-crediting her previous qualification. The decision to study Bachelor’s at AIS was made with encouragement from her parents and by recommendation from her friends already studying here.

“I was focused on working and getting my residency. I wasn’t concentrating on getting my degree, but my parents wanted me to finish it. That’s when I picked AIS and I chose to study part-time.”

“I had about 5-6 friends already studying at AIS who were in a similar situation and they said that if I wanted to finish my degree, then AIS is the best way. Other universities in Auckland didn’t offer as many cross credits so that was the best choice for me.”

Being a non-native English speaker, Vivi faced difficulties studying in her first semester at AIS. Fortunately, AIS requires all students to take a compulsory English Study Writing course early on to address this concern.

“I was struggling at the time but after that course I was thinking yes, I’ve made the right choice.”

“I really enjoyed studying in the English class. I thought that was very useful and my previous university didn't provide such a subject. I enjoyed that part very much. It was a very good step, even though I had been in NZ for so many years, sometimes you forget things and that's a really good step to help you pick up the knowledge and skills to write essays etc. I thought that was a very good experience when I was at AIS.”

Vivi joined Amicus Law in January 2014, a few months after finishing her qualification at AIS. The knowledge she gained from studying for her Bachelor’s degree proves useful in her daily activities at the firm.

“Especially the last subject in my programme, Applied Management Project, because that's the thing where you combine all your knowledge and do a project by yourself. Definitely useful.”

In addition to her Bachelor’s degree, Vivi holds a Diploma in Tourism and Travel Services Management from AUT, a NZ Diploma in Business, and a Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality from AWI International Group. Prior to her position as a legal executive, Vivi worked as an overseas trade executive at Transnational Exports Limited, a sales associate at Luxottica group, a store manager at InTouch Digital Communications, and as a director’s assistant at Vault Realty.

In the future Vivi plans to expand on her marketing knowledge and turn it into a career.

“I actually want to do more marketing work with students, so this job is a good start. In the future I would like to look at doing marketing for schools. That’s my goal or vision for the next 5 years.”