Graduate Profile: Nisha, Graduate Diploma in International Business

We congratulate Nisha on her recent graduation from AIS with a Graduate Diploma in International Business. She is currently enjoying her stay in New Zealand on a 12-month job search visa, working as a Delivery Center Consultant at IBM (Concentrix) on behalf of Air New Zealand. In addition to her AIS Graduate Diploma, Nisha has over 9 years of experience working within the hospitality and hotel industry, later progressing up to the level of marketing executive, along with a bachelor degree in IT and aviation and air hostess training.

Nisha, AIS Graduate Diploma in International Business GraduateNisha came to New Zealand from West Bengal, India in June 2012 with an offer of place to study Graduate Diploma in Business (Marketing) at a nearby tertiary institution. Having completed 5 papers, Nisha ran in to visa difficulties due to course availability issues which left her with two options: either stay in Auckland without student work rights, or return to India for 6 months, then come back and start over. In either case, she would have to give up her job.

Not a comfortable position. Basically if I went back to India, I would have to leave everything behind. I was already working in New Zealand which I would’ve had to leave and I already had a place to stay which I would’ve had to, again, leave, which was not very suiting. I was under pressure.

Luckily, through a recommendation from friends, Nisha met AIS.

How I met AIS was really interesting. My friend said we should go and ask around if we can cross-credit. The first uni was AIS – it was near.

The main person here was Mike Roberts – he really guided me very well. Basically being here, still working, keeping my job and getting this graduate diploma out was all his credit. If not getting support from his end I don’t know where I would be still standing. He advised what papers I need to take and how I should be going ahead. He was very big support to go ahead because in a state where I’m already losing my hopes left and right, to put all those together in one place is really supportive.

“I was really lucky to have my friend direct me to this place.

Nisha successfully cross-credited her courses to AIS and went on to study two semesters.

As I see AIS for the six months being here, the lecturers are very helpful and open, and the study is really good – short but effective because it’s just three months but you get to learn a lot. AIS are really supportive with international students and have a better, stress-free environment.

After graduation, Nisha got her 12-month job search visa and is currently looking to settle in New Zealand.

“My first choice is to stay in New Zealand – it’s a good, beautiful country with high living standards.

At this point I’m looking to stick with the current job and keep applying for better marketing positions, looking towards corporate sector. I’m looking forward to working in corporate marketing.