Graduate Profile: Dmitriy Sabitov, Graduate Diploma in Information Technology

Dmitriy completed his Graduate Diploma in Information Technology (Software Development) at AIS in December 2011. He now works as a junior developer at Foster Moore, a dedicated registry development company based in Auckland.

Dmitriy Sabitov, Graduate Diploma in Information Technology graduate

Dmitriy received a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Perm State University, Russia, in 2009 and spent the next 2 years working as a tester for Prognoz, an international business intelligence software vendor. While at Prognoz, he worked on several high-profile projects for large organisations such as the World Bank, the World Health Organization, and 3M. At the same time Dmitriy was also studying for his master’s degree. Early in 2010, realising his growth potential within the IT industry, Dmitriy started to look for opportunities overseas.

My city was not enough for me, I wanted something more. I wanted a change of environment and my parents gave me a chance to go overseas.

New Zealand was an easy choice due to the country’s booming IT sector, easy-going lifestyle and unique environment.

I was confident I’d get a job in New Zealand: I’ve got experience from Russia and I knew I’m quite capable in what I’m doing.

New Zealand is way more relaxed. I like the lifestyle. It’s a very easy-going country and that’s what I really like in here; that and of course the nature.

Dmitriy was looking to start a career in software development and needed a relatively short and a practical course:

I needed something which will specialise me in development, in a year.”

Having visited the offices of his local agent in Russia, Dmitriy had a choice of 4 Auckland education providers.

“I chose AIS. One reason was price. AIS was also much more practical. I just haven’t really seen anything as appropriate for me as in AIS.

The next year Dmitriy spent learning a specific set of practical skills required to start a successful career in software development:

I learned test cases. I’ve never done them in my previous job. The first couple of months at Foster Moore I was just doing test cases. Also I learned databases. I’ve had 4 subjects in databases. That definitely helped me because now I’m working as a developer and I always work with views and indexes. And of course OOP, object-oriented programming, I got it all from there. That was the reason why I chose AIS – because I really wanted to learn some skills.

Dmitriy finished his GDIT in late 2011. After a short trip back to Russia he set out to find employment within the IT sector: it only took a month.

I got a list of all IT companies in New Zealand and sent them emails. Foster Moore was one of the first to respond. I came to the interview and almost immediately I was hired into a full-time permanent role.”

Dmitriy has now settled into his permanent role at Foster Moore, got his New Zealand residency and is looking to further specialize in software development.

Would Dmitriy recommend AIS?

Yes, for sure. Especially if you need a specialisation and you already know what you want, then AIS would be a good choice. Good value for money and good quality. AIS gives you enough knowledge and a good degree to find a job.

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