Experience the snow at Mount Ruapehu in New Zealand

Written by: Annie Do

Like many other international students from South East Asia where we don’t have snow, I love the experience of going to the mountain every winter in New Zealand.

Last weekend, a group of friends and I went to Mount Ruapehu (home to NZ’s two largest ski areas) for this incredible experience. We all loved it and I am sure you’ll want to experience this yourself too.

However, before you go, it is necessary to learn more about the area and what to prepare:

You'll need the proper gear before embarking on a snow experience

Make sure you have proper snow jacket, snow pants and water-proof boots with you when you travel.

What Do You Need To Bring?

You need to prepare at least these things prior to the trip. You’ll be able to find much of this at The Warehouse store or any snow stores. For students, you can always borrow from friends, exchange with each other or buy second-hand from TradeMe to reduce the cost.

  • Snow jacket (water-proof)
  • Snow pants (water-proof)
  • Snow boots (water-proof)
  • Scarf
  • Beanie (snow cap)
  • Snow gloves (water-proof)
  • Warm layer of clothes to wear inside
  • Ski gear (can hire at the ski area)

Things to do 

There are so many fun things to do at Mount Ruapehu. Check out their website for a clear picture of Mount Ruapehu this winter.


Learn to ski and snowboard at NZ’s best beginners’ facility!


Take a ride up two chairlifts to NZ’s highest cafe, Knoll Ridge, & take in stunning views across the northern Tongariro National Park along the way


Every Friday & Saturday night during the season until Sept 29 & every night during NZ July School Holidays (weather permitting).


It’s social, it’s fun & you’ll learn heaps! Jump on a 2 hour ski or snowboard lesson in the morning or afternoon.


Watch video:


The Snow-covered mountains of Mt Ruapehu are 4.5 hours drive from Auckland

Beautiful snow-capped mountain at Mt Ruapehu, New Zealand – 377 km from Auckland.

Always dress warm as the weather can close in quickly on top of the mountain

View of the snow falling from cable seat/ lift pass on the mountain.


It pays to pack your own lunch, as prices up the mountain can be expensive

Many services, restaurants and cafe for you to enjoy on the mountain. However, be aware of the prices up here – quite expensive for students.

Have some fun with the snow and be safe this winter!