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Written by Tony Ó Braonáin

Learn with Tony

The most important word in this picture is WIN; that’s why it’s the biggest word. Everybody wants to win something, so lots of people will look at this advertisement. It’s at a bus stop.

But what can you win? You can win a Hilux. A Hilux is a vehicle. You can see the name Hilux on the number plate of the vehicle in this advertisement. A Hilux is a Toyota vehicle.

There are some black words in the advertisement. The six black words say: “Every shop gives you a shot”. But which shop? Not all shops, only some shops. At the bottom of the advertisement on the right, you can see the name of the shop: Mitre 10. This is a shop where you can buy things to work on your house and make it look better.

When you go to any Mitre 10 store and buy something, you get a ticket, and that ticket gives you a chance to win a Hilux. Another word for a chance or an opportunity is “a shot”. So if someone “gives you a shot”, they give you a chance.

Just like a footballer taking a shot and trying to score a goal. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t.

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