Employing international student graduates for business in Auckland, New Zealand

From employer’s point of view in Auckland, New Zealand

Some recent publications and media released in Auckland, New Zealand indicate a trend in recruiting international student graduates for business. Many businesses confirm that it is of good value because these employees bring fresh and international perspectives for the business.

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Andrew Tokeley, Global Head of Product 8i said:

I think hiring an international graduate is a great way to get different perspective and so having a broad range of background from different countries and cultures. it is a huge benefit to us.”

Dean Butchers, General Manager of Business Attraction and Investment ATEED stated:

“The benefit of hiring an international student is their global perspectives that they bring to any roles of the organisations that they work for.”

…to international student graduates in Auckland, New Zealand

Choosing the right study programme is the key to employment opportunities in New Zealand. As a cosmopolitan city, Auckland has huge growth in business, marketing, hospitality, tourism and information technology.

 Business Management jobs

Muarice Vieira – Business Development Manager

Maurice Vieira – Business Development Manager at Flooring Studio Auckland shared his thoughts about his journey of studying and working in New Zealand.Maurice is from Brazil, and enrolled in Post Graduate Study at Auckland Institute of Studies in 2016. Upon graduation, he secured a job in New Zealand as a manager and just started his resident application.We captured his casual video in front of Empire Tavern Auckland during a Social Event Function last night for European and Latin American students.Mauricio Vieira NascimentoTania ChesnokovaMaurice é brasileiro e cursou Pós Graduação na Auckland Institute of Studies em 2016. Ao graduar obteve oferta de emprego na área de gestão aqui na Nova Zelândia e pode seguir com seu projeto de residência neste país.

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Maurice Vieira is currently a Business Development Manager at Flooring Studio in Auckland. Maurice came from Brazil, enrolled in Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration Programme in 2016. Upon graduation, he secured a job in New Zealand as a manager and just started his resident application.


Hospitality jobs

Bhupinder Singh is currently working at Novotel Ellerslie Auckland as a Conference and Event Attendant. Bhupinder studied Graduate Diploma in Hospitality Management at Auckland Institute of Studies and started working as an Intern at Novotel.  Bhupinder said “It was a big opportunity for me to gain some international work experience in New Zealand. This also opened the door to have a full-time job offer upon my internship completion.”

Bhupinder also added that:

“The Hospitality industry is a 24/7 industry. In order to be successful, you need to work hard, have good time-management skills and have great dedication to the job. Personally, I’ve taken every opportunity available to prove myself and have always put in my best effort. As a result, the outcome has always been positive.”

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