Auckland hospitality is changing – how will you keep up?

With new hotels opening in Auckland, changes to immigration regulations, and a perceived shortage of hospitality workers all on our minds this year, there’s no doubt the hospitality industry is facing significant changes – and challenges. Facing those challenges head on is Auckland Institute of Studies (AIS).

A hospitality student prepares and serves coffee to customers on campus

AIS students gain experience working on campus in a live café serving real customers

At AIS, high-level hospitality programmes integrate theory, hands-on training and insights from leading industry professionals to produce graduates with real industry experience and the knowledge to provide world-class services. That will come in handy with several new hotels opening in Auckland this year, including new hotels from Sudima and Indigo. These additions to the Auckland hospitality industry seek to claim back some of the business lost to disruptive competitors such as AirBnB, and continue growing the Auckland tourism market.

While these establishments are a real win for the hotel industry, they will still need to find talented employees to join their teams and become the faces of their brands. AIS is here to meet that demand, with skilled and experienced graduates coming through our doors every day.

However, new hotels aren’t the only change taking place right now. For many hospitality providers, a significant concern is immigration, with changes to immigration laws leaving some wondering where they now stand when it comes to hiring migrants.

Study can be the difference between a pool of potential employees and visitors from overseas who are unable to work. With high level hospitality programmes on offer, the international students at AIS become well-trained employees who are eligible to stay in the country as skilled migrants. They become a large part of the diverse workforce of which the industry should be proud, and provide a solution for hospitality industry operators concerned about who they can hire.

It seems that while the industry faces some testing times, there are skilled graduates ready to rise to the challenge and help our hotels embrace the new. Will you make sure you’ve got the right people on board to meet this change? Talk to AIS to discover how our graduates could become your people.

First published in Hotel Magazine October 2018