Changes to the AIS Bus Service from 9 February 2015

AIS have teamed up with Ritchies to provide a new streamlined bus service to students. The change will come into effect from 9 February 2015 when the new Designline bus will replace the current morning's AIS shuttle van service from the city to St Helens campus.

Designline school bus

Mornings – Monday to Friday

There will be one morning bus only. The new bus will depart the city at 8.30am from Stop D14 (7024), Commerce Street near Tyler Street (back of the Railway Station). The LCD display at the front of the bus will show the destination as “Auckland Institute of Studies”.

Afternoons – Monday to Friday

There will be no changes to the current afternoon AIS shuttle van service. The first shuttle van will be ready at 2pm and leave as soon as it is full. It will then return to pick up any remaining students. If the shuttle van is full at 2.30 or 3pm it will return again until all students have been collected.

Students wishing to take the afternoon shuttle van must be at reception by 3pm. Please note that pick-up times may vary due to traffic.

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