Study Advice

What are the benefits of homestay accommodation?

September 2, 2016 |

Homestays give you the best chance to immerse yourself in New Zealand culture. Read on to find out more about this option while at AIS.Read More

How to fit into the New Zealand way of life – part 2

September 1, 2016 |

Regardless of your origins, it can be difficult to adjust to a new country filled with strange traditions, cultures and accents.Read More

Living away from home? Try these 3 quick and easy meals

August 30, 2016 |

Struggling to work out what to cook for dinner? Take a look at three quick, easy and most importantly, tasty student dishes. Bon appetit!Read More

Looking to save a little money this semester?

August 26, 2016 |

As students don’t often have the time to work full-time during their studies, they need to ensure they are making the most of every opportunity.Read More

Exploring Auckland’s majestic volcanoes

August 18, 2016 |

When you are flying into Auckland or simply moving around the city, it is pretty obvious that the region isn’t flat. So, what volcanoes should you explore?Read More

Studying at home versus studying at AIS library

August 15, 2016 |

Studying is often something that is different for every person. As such, what are the benefits and disadvantages of studying at home versus the library?Read More

How having a study buddy can help your learning

August 11, 2016 |

While there are many benefits to studying alone, it is possible to make great progress with the help of a study buddy. Read on to find out more.Read More

3 tips for staying calm during an exam

August 9, 2016 |

At Auckland Institute of Studies, we utilise a number of different forms of assessment. However, it is exams that most people worry about.Read More

Looking after your eyes during study

August 2, 2016 |

Your eyes are a very important tool when studying. Give them a little love by knowing how to look after your vision. Here are some tips.Read More

5 apps that every AIS student should have

July 25, 2016 |

Being a new student in a new country can be daunting. Here are five apps that every AIS student needs to have on their smartphone.Read More