Become an Entrepreneur Through the Business Programme!

Students from the Entrepreneurship and Small Business class, part of the Business Programme at Auckland Institute of Studies (AIS), had the opportunity to learn the necessary practical skill sets to become an Entrepreneur.

Students had to come up with business ideas in their own groups, and then present them. The Business Programme at AIS funded them with an initial investment of $200 which was then turned into nearly $700 in profit by the students. The incredible thing was that all the money was donated to KidsCan, Auckland City Mission and Skylight. As a result, the students learn to do business in New Zealand and learn to become responsible citizens at the same time.

Students of the Entrepreneurship and Small Business class with Business lecturer, Dr Leonie Menzies

Entrepreneurship and Small Business class. The class was supervised by Dr Leonie Menzies, Senior Lecturer in Business Programme.

Gaining Practical Skill Sets In The Business Programme

Megahthiban Arumugam stated:

It was a really AWESOME experience, especially the pop-up business. I can definitely use these practical skill sets to open a small business in the future. I now know what to do and what not to do in a business environment.

Tamana Punwani also added that this was the best experience of her life because she could become an entrepreneur through exercises and it helped her so much. Tamana emphasised the importance of practical study experience because it prepared students for the future; it also assisted students to learn to negotiate and calculate the profit and loss. Learning how to work in a team and making the best out of it is another amazing experience for Tamana.

Students combine for group work in the Business programme at AIS

Group work, discussion and team spirit. That is an important component in business.

A Different Approach to Learning and Teaching

Many students in the Entrepreneurship and Small Business class were excited about the idea because it comes from a different approach to learning and teaching.

This is one of the really interesting projects that I have done so far. While previous modules were mostly research, this pop-up business was where I was able to do something practical and prepare for my future business. it would be great if most business modules can offer students this approach to learning. (Sathish Venkatesh)

One pop-up business offered custom t-shirts and mugs

Students worked in groups and generated new business ideas

A Responsible Entrepreneur For Society

All profit gained from the pop-up businesses were donated to non-profit organisations in New Zealand including KidsCan, Auckland City Mission and Skylight.

Dr Leonie Menzies – Senior Lecturer in Business Programme trusts that these activities will contribute greatly to the business class. Students will not only learn practical skill sets to work in the business world but also learn to contribute to society and make the country a better place to live in.

Amarjot Kaur said:

I think AIS should concentrate more on these kinds of activities. It could be beneficial for students as well as for AIS. We really enjoyed the course. Thanks so much again Leonie.