Lily Zhang: Business Graduate and Director of Property Development and Property Funds

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Lily Zhang – from a student of Business Programme in 1995 …

Lily worked as a TV presenter in China before coming to pursue a Bachelor of Business at Auckland Institute of Studies (AIS) in New Zealand in 1995.

“I was the first student to come to AIS from mainland China in 1995. My English was very poor at that time. However, I picked up my confidence in a short time because the teachers were so friendly and helpful. My fellow students helped me so much too. I appreciate the love and education from AIS.”

AIS provides international students, like Lily, English training programmes to prepare them to study business. These courses range from General English to English for Academic Purposes. In New Zealand, all teachers are native English speakers so international students can pick up the language through daily conversations and through academic learning environments. In the AIS English Language Centre, other activities such as going to shopping malls, visiting scenery and playing sports together help students exchange the language in a natural way.

The Bachelor of Business Programme laid the foundation for Lily’s business career because she could learn the basic concepts in Accounting, Marketing, Logistics and Operation.

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… to a successful Director of Property Development and Property Fund in Australia and New Zealand

Lily is currently Managing Director of Lizhgroup in Australia ( and vmgroup ( in New Zealand. It’s hard work but Lily is happy because she can see the rewards of her efforts.

“We are a property development business so we build apartments, houses and packages. Many people would think that property development is glamorous but it’s not, it’s hard work.”

Lily Zhang is now a very successful businesswoman. Lizhgroup has been developing property in Auckland, Melbourne, in some areas in Europe and in the US.

Property Development business in NZ, Australia and the US

Lizhgroup’s property business

Lily Zhang’s advice for students of Business Programme

“Confidence is the most important” – Lily said. “It’s very easy to get lost when you’re a student. However, learn to keep your confidence up, learn to keep learning and learn to deal with people and markets. As long as you keep these things in mind, you will be fine.”

Talking about the Business Programme at AIS, Lily said: “Business Programme covers all the necessary things that you need to know about business. Together with local work experience gained in New Zealand, you are ready to launch your career at an international level.

Lily also emphasised on the importance of “quality” in everything we do in New Zealand and Australia.

Because it is small market in New Zealand and Australia, you really need to focus on quality. If you are not the best, you can’t do well.

Auckland Institute of Studies places particular importance on providing Quality Education. AIS’s standing as a NZQA approved Category 1 provider is testament to that quality. AIS Bachelor of Business graduates leave the Institute ready to connect with employment in their home countries or internationally, Lily Zhang is a shining example of this.

Thanks Lily for sharing your great experience and advice with AIS students.

Interviewer: Annie Do