AIS Student Council Formed

The first ever AIS Student Council has been formed! The council has been elected to benefit students in a lot of different ways.

The focus of the council is to create a strong platform forstudentbondingacross various departments and cultures. Apart from academic excellence, students are a bundle of creativity and talents. The StudentCouncil are keen on providing opportunities to unleash this potential.

As AIS students are all from different backgrounds, it is important to ensure that they are made comfortable and kept cheerful. The Student Council'sinitiatives in organising the three previousevents has generated great response and participation. These events included the WorldCup opening & closing ceremony breakfasts and a Bingo night.

The council are also planning to conduct a survey among the students to get their views and feedback on various aspects like what events they would like us to organise. This will enable the council to incorporate suggestions and also retain a closelinkwith AIS students.

The Student Council looks forward to and is confident in creating a milestone for AIS.

student council