5 apps that can help you learn the English language

Enhance your English language skills with the help of these apps.

Modern applications (apps) technology has been a significant help for all manner of purposes, from navigating roads to planning travel itineraries and managing productivity tasks. Another area in which downloadable apps can play a beneficial role is education. In particular, language studies can be assisted by apps since immersing yourself in the words, sounds, grammar and speaking intonations of a language can greatly help to master it. 

Here at Auckland Institute of Studies, we offer comprehensive English language courses through our English Language Centre. Although our team of committed, dynamic tutors will be helping you refine your linguistics skills and command a better grip on the rules of English language, the effort you put in outside of your study hours is just as important for garnering top results. This is why downloading the following five apps can be a big perk for your education. On a related note, students enrolled in one of our Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages courses may wish to recommend the following five apps to their own students one day once they graduate. 

1. English Level Test

A variety of quizzes, tests and check points are available across a progressive system of levels ranging from beginner, elementary, pre-intermediate, intermediate, upper-intermediate, advanced or near-native. These tests can assist you as you improve in proficiency, and are a smart way to productively use the time on trains or buses during your commute to campus. 

Use these mobile apps as you study English for a better grasp of the language.Use these mobile apps as you study English for a better grasp of the language.

2. Rosetta Stone

One of the greatest discoveries of human history was the Rosetta Stone, an artefact from Ancient Egypt that helped scholars decipher the visual language of hieroglyphs due to the translations on the stone. A modern-day app named after this gem for language studies is available for you to work on building sentence structure. The free demo period grants access to lessons and exercises comprising basic, smaller words such as 'boy', 'beach' and 'dog' before forming longer complex sentences that string such terms together.

3. FluentU

If you love entertainment and social media, this app is for you. The developers of this app have scoured the internet for funny and interesting videos that would be useful for learning the English language. Everything from movie trailers to music videos has been sourced, and even informative business lessons are on offer with interactive captions, subtitles and translations. You'll be able to interact with engaging content while crafting your language skills – a fun way to learn! 

4. MindSnacks

This app is food for thought. Feed your brain by playing interactive games that are designed to enhance your understanding of context and how to build phrases that flow smoothly. This is achieved by completing tasks such as matching words to their synonyms, or selecting the best suited word to fill in the blanks

5. SpeakingPal English Tutor

With a focus on speaking English fluently, this app uses the speech recognition capabilities of mobile phones to create dialogues, role-playing and other vocally interactive lessons to help you speak the language effortlessly. The speech recognition software is advanced enough to offer instant feedback on your performance, assessing if you pronounced vowel sounds accurately or annunciated the sentences clearly, as well as has a review mode for later use. 

The benefits of these apps is you can study on the go, on the train or bus on your way to campus. The benefits of these apps is you can study on the go, on the train or bus on your way to campus.

With the touch of a finger, these apps can aid your learning and offer flexibility since you can hone your skills on the go and in your own time. Several of these apps are free to download, so you have nothing to lose and plenty to gain!

In addition to the assistance of such technology, you can take advantage of our friendly and welcoming on-campus services to help you develop your English language skills in an inclusive and supportive environment