3 Reasons To Study CertTESOL Today!

Kate Gordon has just completed The Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (CertTESOL) at Auckland Institute of Studies. The programme is certified by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) so now Kate is ready to teach English overseas and in New Zealand.

Kate found the CertTESOL course at AIS thanks to a reference from her friend:

“When I told my friends that I wanted to become a teacher of English and start travelling the world, my friends highly recommended Auckland Institute of Studies. It was definitely a good start through other people’s experience.”

Kate highlighted three great reasons to study CertTESOL:

1. The program structure is very relevant

The programme comprises three sections:

1.132 Basic Linguistic Concepts
1.232 English Language Teaching
1.332 English Language Teaching Practice

Kate said that “I lived with many Chinese students before and I taught them the language. However, I didn’t follow any structure or methodology.” After eight weeks of learning in this course, Kate knows how to develop a lesson plan, and examine, develop and evaluate classroom materials.

“The course gives you so much confidence in teaching English to speakers of other languages. I know exactly what is right and what is wrong now.”

2. You do not need prior experience to start the course

No prior teaching experience is necessary for this programme: CertTESOL provides trainees with practical experience of teaching English with ample opportunities to plan, teach and evaluate lessons. Trainees attain a high level of practical competence and understanding of language teaching required for employment in this field.

A preliminary two-week period of self-directed study is followed by six weeks of classroom-based instruction and practice.

Video: Kate Gordon in a sample teaching practice at Auckland Institute of Studies (AIS)


3. There are many job opportunities after graduating from CertTESOL

Kate Gordon at CertTESOL Graduation Ceremony, Auckland Institute of Studies (AIS)

Before taking the CertTESOL programme, Kate was already very clear about her plan for the future. Kate said:

“There are many different places you can go to teach English such as China, Vietnam, South Korea, Japan. I firstly want to develop my teaching career in China and teach a lot of people at different levels.”

Start a career teaching English today and travel the world.

Kate Gordon full video: