What type of jobs can you get with a business administration degree?

What sort of jobs can you find with a degree in business administration?

If you're passionate about all things business, and find that you have the skills of a natural leader, why not combine the two and pursue your interests with a degree in business administration? This perfectly balances a solid foundation of a business education with the variety of many different careers.

Business administration can sound quite vague, but let us take a look at the sort of jobs you can get with such a degree!

Suit up - is business administration a degree for you?Suit up – is business administration a degree for you?


This doesn't exactly explain the depths of a job, but it just goes to show how many career options there are with a business administration degree. Banking is an essential skill for all businesses. It's important for a decision makers to know which direction to take financially, and you could be the perfect person to guide the way.

You can venture into corporate investment banking with your financial mind, or chase other dreams in the industry of your choice! For example, even a hospitality business would need someone to help make the best financial decisions.


Being an accountant may not be the most thrilling job in the world, but it's certainly a valuable skill to have. As an accountant, you'll manage the finances for a business, which is where it varies with a banking job. Bankers typically help a company make financial decisions, but as an accountant, all you'll do will be to manage the income and expenses.

It's a very useful skill to develop, and should you venture on to start your own business, being able to analyse your balance sheets will be an immense help.

Within accounting, you can also diverge into roles such as an accounts payable professional, accounts receivable clerk or even an acquisitions tax manager. The options are near endless!

Business administration education can open up many essential roles in a business.Business administration education can open up many essential roles in a business.

Human resources manager

Business administration jobs don't have to be all financial! In a human resources role, you could be the go-to person in a business. It's great for people that connect with others easily, as you'll need to be both approachable and also have efficient communication skills.

You can help manage the people within a company by making sure contracts and documentation are all up to date, as well as assist in recruitment of new employees. This is a valuable job, and ensures that your workplace remains safe and friendly.

E-commerce manager

The world around us is becoming more dependent on technology. In fact, there are many 'shops' that don't even have a premise – everything is handled online!

E-commerce is a shop model that's only getting more popular.

As an e-commerce manager, you'll know that your skills are likely to be always be in demand. This is a combination of marketing with business administration, and although not necessary in some jobs, web design knowledge.

You'll be in charge of the online presence of an e-commerce business, learning valuable skills such as search engine optimisation and digital marketing. It's pretty much the norm now to hop online and buy something, and you can help consumers achieve this with a business administration degree.

Corporate travel manager

Who doesn't love to travel? Now, you can do so and get paid for it! A corporate travel manager position allows you to help a company come up with a travel strategy, working with the operations manager and budget analyst to provide a solution for employees who need to commute for business on a regular basis.

You're likely to get perks such as discounted travel, through your daily management with travel agencies. It's important to have someone in a business to ensure safe and efficient travel without overspending on travel expenses.

As you can see, there are many career paths available through a degree in business administration. These are only a few of them, and the job opportunities are near endless if your heart is set on it.

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