The importance of staying hydrated

Stay hydrated this summer.

Even during a break from your studies, it's super important to look after your health. A large part of this includes drinking enough water.

There are many benefits to staying adequately hydrated. It's not only good for physical wellbeing, but mental too. The summer months in our country (December to February) can reach up to 25 degrees Celsius on average, according to Tourism New Zealand. This means that when you are out and about, whether relaxing at the beach or going for a walk, you'll need to supplement your body with enough water to stay hydrated.

Here are the benefits of drinking water.

New Zealand tap water is safe to drink.New Zealand tap water is safe to drink.

It makes your brain sharper

Just like how a car can't run on an empty tank, your brain won't work properly if you don't have the required hydration levels. This doesn't apply to just when you are studying, as you still use your brain when you're on holiday!

Even mild hydration (a fluid loss of only 1-3 per cent) can impair your memory and brain performance. You should be able to get free water at many establishments you dine in, and there are even water fountains around popular walks and cycleways. If drinking more water makes you smarter, you've got nothing to lose!

It helps with healthy bodily functions

You can't survive without eating, and the same goes for drinking. Enough water in your system acts as a lubricant. It works alongside fibre you get from your diet to help with digestion, efficiently getting rid of waste particles in your body – this means regular and healthy bowel movements!

Water can also support the suppleness of your skin (important when spending time outside in summer) and prevent kidney stones.

It gives you more energy

Have you tried running a race when you're absolutely parched? Well, there's a reason why your body screams for water when you've exerted yourself – this is to replace moisture lost through sweat. Not enough water means we don't sweat as much, which leads to overheating.

Hydration promotes a healthy circulation of blood around your body by regulating your heart. According to WebMD, water also aids in bringing oxygen through our blood to all the cells that need it.

Drinking water helps give you energy.Drinking water helps give you energy.

It reduces stress

Just because we're not currently studying doesn't mean we don't feel stressed! There are many other things in life beside from education that may worry us. Family, job, money – these can all negatively impact our stress levels.

Staying hydrated helps to keep a lot of stress in check. As our brain is composed of a lot of water, supplying our minds with adequate moisture can reduce these feelings of stress and worry.

It's very likely that once you start feeling thirsty and reach towards a bottle of water, you are already dehydrated. Here are some tips to help you drink more water:

  • Buy a good quality reusable bottle. Make sure the plastic is BPA-free – this will be relatively inexpensive, and spending the money can make us feel obligated to use the bottle more. It'll also be handy to have on hand when we're heading to class or making a trip to the beach.
  • If you don't like the taste of water, consider buying a carbon filtered bottle or flavouring it with fruit! Freeze some berries or citrus wedges in ice blocks and you'll have tasty chilly water at your convenience.
  • Reduce your intake of caffeinated drinks, tea and alcohol. Although liquids, these can dehydrate our bodies more.

Drink up!

The general recommended daily intake is around eight glasses.

It's important to not let yourself dehydrate, especially during the summer. The general recommended daily intake is around eight glasses, but this will vary depending on your activity levels, body weight and diet.

Make sure you stay healthy and happy this summer. For more information about spending Christmas in New Zealand, contact our team at Auckland Institute of Studies today.