Studying at home versus studying at AIS library

Where is the best place to study?

Across many of Auckland Institute of Studies' programmes, students receive the bulk of the necessary information from lectures and tutorials. However, often due to time restraints, there is other content that can't be covered through these forums – highlighting the need for students to study and consolidate their knowledge outside the classroom.

To be able to master the different NZQA qualifications, all students have to commit to studying – there is no two ways about it. With this in mind, should students be studying at home or in the AIS library?

In this article, we will analyse the pros and cons of each location, helping you find the ideal spot for your next study session.

Studying at home

Is it better to study at the library or at home?Is it better to study at the library or at home?

Depending on your living arrangement, studying at home could be a great option.

As well as being comfortable in your environment, you can stretch your materials and books out – creating a perfect space to work in your own time. 

Studying in your bedroom or at the kitchen table also allows easy access to food and water – stopping you from buying unhealthy alternatives or spending too much money. 

Of course, there are some cons. Without the formalised atmosphere of a library, there can be no sense of urgency to study or concentrate as much as you would like. Social media, gaming and television are all potential distractions as well, if you are working at home away from other students.

Studying in the library

If you choose to work in the library, there are also a number of pros and cons. 

With discussion rooms for group study, the library is the hub of learning on our campus.

The biggest advantage is the abundance of resources available. At the AIS library, for example, we have a wide range of books, journals, newspapers and electronic resources for our programmes.

There is also space for personal study – a quiet environment where you can concentrate on your subjects without the distractions of the outside world.

Again, the library setting can work against some people. The quiet atmosphere could lead to procrastination or feeling that you have done enough work when you haven't. There is the risk of running into a friend and losing time while talking to them.

How to choose the best study location

Ultimately, this is a personal choice. Both the home and library environments have benefits, but you will need to test what works best for you. 

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