Student Blog: Following My Dream in Business in New Zealand

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A student blog article by: Neetu Khullar – AIS Alumni 2017

Neetu Khullar recently graduated Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration at Auckland Institute of Studies (AIS). She is currently working as the store manager at Rugs & More. In this blog article she talks about her journey in New Zealand.

Neetu attended the AIS graduation at Bruce Mason Centre in September 2017

Neetu Khullar at AIS Graduation 2017

The Right Decision To Study PGDBA at Auckland Institute of Studies

It has been a year and five months since I arrived in New Zealand with my husband and two sons. I still remember the first day I came to AIS with my family to attend Orientation Day. I wanted to show my kids the institute where I would be studying.

My husband and I were a bit worried about getting jobs here at first. However, after the initial meeting with the Marketing and Student Services Department, we were relieved when we found that Business Administration is the pathway to a managerial role in the future. Education is the key to get jobs in New Zealand. We both landed our first jobs only 15-20 days after we landed, that was the first guidance by AIS for my family.

The Industry Placement Manager can help students into employment as well placing students for internships

Neetu Khullar & Alarna Asher – Industry Placement Manager

Great Support From AIS Student Career Centre

Internship placements are another example of the support provided by AIS. My placement helped me gain practical experience in New Zealand and I was able to apply my knowledge and previous work experience and skills. As a result, the internship pathway has proved to be the start of a successful career in New Zealand.

Real World Success

The company that provided the internship recognised all the effort I was putting into it and I was promoted to retail manager. I am now working as store manager at Rugs & More.

AIS helps guide students with their resumés, the recruitment process and interview preparation. All the support made us more confident to apply for the job positions that we want. I am an example of the hard work AIS puts into students, as I am now on my way to a successful managerial career in New Zealand.

Furthermore, the biggest achievement is that now I am offering internships to AIS students as my company really wants to hire AIS graduates because they believe in hard work and AIS students’s performance.

PGDBA can also provide a pathway to immigration

Neetuh with her family on her graduation day at AIS!

My family has been a great support to me, my husband Rishee inspired me to achieve my goals every time and my boys Jivitesh and Jaivansh are my biggest strength as I keep on mentoring myself so that I could give them a good upbringing. I also would like to extend my sincere gratitude to all my professors, Academic Head of Business Administration Programme – Professor Richard Goodall, Marketing and Administration staff, and Alarna from the Student Career Centre for their constant support.


Neetu Khullar – AIS Alumni 2017

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