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Written by Nitesh Hira (

From New Delhi to Auckland …

From a fitness instructor in New Delhi, India…

Fear of the unknown often stops us from chasing our dreams. I was no exception to this until I did a fitness instructor course a few years ago.

I was born in New Delhi, India in a middle-class family. I finished school with an average score. Life was so uncertain for me at that time, I did not know what to do.

Later, I decided to become a fitness instructor and it taught me many things in life.

The fitness instructor course gave me perspective and vision of what I wanted to be in life. I learned a lot about martial arts, healthy lifestyle, importance of discipline and perseverance in life.

Photo: Nitesh Hira and Virat Kohli (Indian international cricketer who currently captains the India national team.)

To a new life in New Zealand…

After almost 11 years in the same industry most people would think to retire in the same job with a natural career progression. However, for me it was a bit different. I decided to change my son’s environment and the opportunities that he would get in the future. At this point I faced much fear and doubt about how I would do that? That’s when my wife and I decided to go to New Zealand and explore what it had in store for us.

Chasing the dream in New Zealand

Currently I am enrolled in the Business Programme at Auckland Institute of studies (AIS) in New Zealand. I have a student visa which allows me to work 20 hours per week and full time during holidays. My wife has a work visa to work full time and my son can attend child care in New Zealand.

The thing I struggled with most at first was returning to studying after 11 years. Also, now I have a wife and a kid to look after. But thanks to my past training with fitness and strength, I started to learn how to balance everything in life.

I started to visualise myself in New Zealand by doing what I do the best: following my passion to help people get fitter, healthier and lead a happier lifestyle. The fear of coming to New Zealand at first, turns into belief.

The joy of having my small family with me in New Zealand to give each other love and support has given me much strength to follow my passion and chase the dream in New Zealand.

About Nitesh: Nitesh is a professional fitness trainer (working at Les Mills Auckland). He comes from New Delhi and studies Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration at AIS

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