Kennedy Chitsamatanga – MBA Alumni 2014 – “You should never give up your dream”

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Kennedy Chitsamatanga was born in Zimbabwe and has resided in New Zealand for 12 years. The MBA degree at Auckland Institute of Studies (AIS) was the launching pad for his research and research career. Upon completing the MBA programme, Kennedy continued on to pursue a PhD. He completed his doctorate study in 2017 and has just published a book on Amazon.

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Chasing the dream

Before coming to Auckland Institute of Studies (AIS) to study Master of Business Administration (MBA) programme, Kennedy already held a management role at New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA). Because the MBA Programme at AIS is run on the weekend it was a perfect opportunity for Kennedy to maintain his current work and top up his qualification in New Zealand.

I have always wanted to study MBA and take my career to a new level. Therefore, when one of my friends suggested doing MBA at AIS, I was very happy. The course was at the weekend mainly so I could manage the work load and study at the same time.

Kennedy with BA lecturer Professor Nevan Wright

The content of the MBA Programme enriched Kenedy’s knowledge about current business and economics, and madet him more interested in the field of academic research.

The MBA programme gave me confidence about myself and having a bit of a view of the world in terms how tit works, what are the current events; what needs to be done and so on. The MBA also encouraged me to think differently and analyse things from different points of view.

He received much support from his professors and tutors including Prof. Richard Goodall – Director of Business Administration, Lecturer Sawsan Al-Shamaa and Study Skills Advisor Tamendi Pranish during his study at AIS. As a result, Kennedy could follow his dream in the academic and research field and continued to study a PhD programme after his MBA.

Lecturer Sawsan Al-Shamaa said:

Kennedy was an MBA student in International Business. I was the supervisor for his final dissertation in 2014. He was a very committed to do the research and worked hard to achieve the goal. Kennedy has great skill sets in doing research which leads him further in his research and academic area.

You should never give up!

Kennedy completed his PhD degree in International Business in 2017 and managed to publish a book on Amazon at the same time.

MBA Graduate publishes book on emerging economies

Kennedy’s new book published on Amazon: ‘Emerging economies in the 21st century’

When I had nearly finished my book, my father passed away. When you think you have achieved something, something happens.

Hard Work equals Success

Kennedy’s motive in life

Kennedy also added that “Many jobs that we will be doing in the future do not exist yet. The best way to prepare for it is through education.”

Kennedy has become a great example of following a dream and passion in life for success. We wish Kennedy more success in his research and lecture career in the future.


Interviewer: Annie Do


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