“I’ve finished Uni, what’s next?’ – IT employment in Auckland

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Dr Neda Hamid – Senior Lecturer at Auckland Institute of Studies (AIS) invited CEO/Founder of FutureLab Ralf Klis to share his experience as a business owner and employer to students of Information Technology (IT) at AIS. Students really enjoyed the experience from a “real IT company in Auckland” and absorbed all the advice in preparing CVs, gaining IT practical experience and getting a job offer in IT.

Ralf Klis recapped:

Today we did a very quick overview of how to drive your career through education and most importantly what mistakes students or graduates make when they look for a job.

Watch the interview with CEO/ Founder of FutureLab Ralf Klis at AIS

CEO Ralf Klis and the idea of setting up FutureLab

There was never an idea that I would become a business owner. Back in the day I was purely a programming contractor with a Master degree in IT. I did a lot of contracting to the degree where the IT business community started recognising my work.

“Businesses started going directly to me for programming and website development. They gave me more jobs than I could do.” Ralf said. As a result, Ralf hired a first, second and third person to help with the workload and FutureLab went on from there.

Web design companies like themselves

“The perfect website should persuade and win over the user in less than 30 seconds” Ralf Klis – CEO of FutureLab

The importance of having a lifelong learning attitude

Talking to students at AIS, Ralf highlighted the importance of having a qualification in Computer Science or Information Technology and most importantly, the attitude of lifelong learning. Students who are committed to study towards a degree will have higher attention and discipline to complete a project later at work. Employers highly value persistence in a candidate.

They are used to the idea of regularly attending meetings and working as part of a team. Teamwork has always been so important, let alone in an IT project.

Furthermore, Ralf emphasised the importance of being a part of, and contributing to a community as part of a lifelong-learning and self-taught attitude. Ralf gained recognition from his contribution to the WordPress community and also through his own programming contracting work.

Hands-on experience is the best way to prepare for future employment in IT

Ralf provided examples of how to nail the first job opportunity and gain practical IT experience to prepare for the future. The most important thing to remember is that: “All CVs are boring.” As a result, students should grab the employer’s attention quickly with short, sharp presentation of their skills and goals.

Try to gain hands-on experience with any projects, get an internship or if you can’t do something on your own, contribute to communities. All of these experiences are a great help for employment later.

Students appreciated the chance to talk with Ralf learn from his experience. An IT student stated:

The opportunity to meet a guest lecturer from a real IT company is just awesome. Ralf guided us through the CV process and provided great tips on how to prepare ourselves for  interviews and job hunting.

IT students at AIS have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with Industry Placement Projects. This is the key for students to expand their IT networks, improve their CVs and understand the requirements of the industry they want to work in.

Students at AIS also participate in field visits to companies such as MYOB, Deloitte and FutureLab, to gain a better understanding and overview of the industry.

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Our next IT intake: January 2018


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