Austin Cooper – my internship journey

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Austin Cooper – from Singapore to New Zealand

Austin Cooper is 23 years old and currently a third-year undergraduate at the National University of Singapore (NUS). Austin is pursuing an Honour’s Degree in Social Sciences (Economics) with a second major in Business Management. Austin is in Auckland, New Zealand on a 3-month internship with Auckland Institute of Studies. He expects to gain great exposure and experience in an overseas work environment, and is looking forward to developing a network of international contacts.

Watch Austin’s video:

An internship experience in Business Programme at Auckland Institute of Studies

As an intern for Business Programme at Auckland Institute of Studies (AIS), Austin definitely valued the experience of working in academia. He has learnt a lot about what goes on behind a well-oiled learning institution and is especially impressed by the high level of professionalism that the staff hold themselves to, as well as the collective desire to strive for excellence in the delivery of their services. It is without a doubt that AIS is distinguished being a NZQA Category 1 Provider, the highest level attainable.

New Zealand – a country to explore

One of the main reasons Austin chose to do his internship here in New Zealand is so that he can spend his free time traveling and exploring these beautiful locations. The sustained geothermal activity occurring in the region is the driving force that shapes and colours the geography of modern-day New Zealand. It does not matter if you are here in the summer or winter because the sights are good for all seasons. A personal favourite of Austin’s is the Tongariro Alpine Crossing, a rewarding half-day trek that boasts scenic views atop active volcanic peaks such as Mounts Ngauruhoe, Tongariro and Ruapehu.

There are certainly plenty more sights to see and activities to be done that I regret not planning for a longer trip! I do hope to see more of the South Island when I return again in the future

New Zealand – a friendly and welcoming culture

One of the things that Austin appreciates most here is the ethnic diversity. There is a healthy and substantial mix of Kiwis, Maori, Europeans, Asians, and Pacific Islanders. One would think that such a situation would lead to the country becoming a melting pot fraught with high tension. However, the culture of the locals is exceedingly friendly and welcoming in nature. The open-mindedness of the people here have instead fostered a spirit of inclusion and celebration of the different communities and their cultures.

The multi-cultural society reminds me a lot about Singapore, which is also home to a host of various ethnicities and communities. Needless to say, I feel tremendously welcome and at home here in New Zealand.


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