3 reasons why an MBA degree is important

Could an MBA enhance your career?

In the context of the world economy, every business is critical; no matter its size, industry, number of employees or direction.

While every enterprise takes a different route to the top, there are a number of fundamental business management skills that leaders need to have. By having a broad skill set and knowledge base, tomorrow's business heads can be proactive, apply new ideas and think laterally about all corners of their organisation.

In order to build this ability, the most common avenue is through a Master of Business Administration (MBA), available at Auckland Institute of Studies. Here are three reasons why an MBA is a great option for your corporate future.

1) Increase potential salary

Chief executive officers with an MBA can command more than $130,00 per year in New Zealand.

As one of the most internationally-recognised business qualifications in the world, an obvious advantage to obtaining an MBA is the increase to your potential salary. The 18-month course provides great detail across a number of business aspects, and highlights a commitment towards your discipline – a real point of difference compared to other degrees.

According to Payscale, chief executive officers with an MBA can command more than $130,00 per year in New Zealand, while test analysts could reach close to $80,000. Of course, the more experience you have in a particular industry, your MBA can help to raise your salary even further.

2) Expanded business network

An MBA is a qualification that you can start at any point during your career, making it a perfect option for those wanting to upskill and expand their business network.

As well as your teachers who are all former or current business professionals, the other students that you meet can have an impact on your career moving forward. In the business world, it is often about who you know and an MBA could just give you that much-needed head start.

Expanding your network is one benefit of a MBA.Expanding your network is one benefit of an MBA.

3) Learning the art of management

In some situations, business leaders don't have good people management skills. While they know their industry or sector, knowing how to manage a group of people can be quite difficult.

This is one of the benefits of an MBA – analysing the art of organisational behaviour, leadership and cross-cultural negotiations. People make a business what it is, and understanding how to control different personalities and approaches can prove key.

If you would like more information about the MBA at AIS, feel free to reach out to our team today.